280 Slides: Using Javascript to build the Keynote on the web

Richard Wong 9 June, 2008

280 Slides a new online slideshow creator among existing services like , Sliderocket, Empressr or Zoho. The first thing you notice with 280 Slides is that it looks pretty similar to Apple Keynote. It has an easy to use interface with a strong feel of a desktop application.

Although, it still cannot replace a desktop application with lack of advance features like charts, styling or effects. It does provide you with interesting ability to integrate with other web services like publishing to , or add media from YouTube and Flickr.

The very interesting thing about this application is that it is built by a Javascript Framework called Cappuccino which is a port of the Apple Cocoa framework. In the process, they made Javascript Objective and calling it Objective-J that they will open source soon. This means developers on the Apple platforms using Objective-C could use this to build web apps a lot easier and at the same time, introducing more people to Cocoa and Objective-C.


280 Slides: Like Apple Keynote, But Online [via Techcrunch]

An interview with 280 North on Objective-J and Cappuccino [via Ajaxian]

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