10 Laws of Simplicity Developers should know

Richard Wong 8 September, 2008

Recently I revisited “” by John Maeda. He is a graphic designer, visual artist, and computer scientist at the MIT Media Lab. In the book, John proposes 10 laws for simplifying complex systems in business and life.

Although the book are mostly focused on product design, it could be applied to anything especially software development. It doesn’t matter whether you are coding or designing simplicity will always work and sale. Simpler code means less bug and less maintenance cost. Simpler interface means easier to learn and use.

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8 Golden Rules of Interface Design

Richard Wong 20 August, 2008

Considering the only way users can communicate with your application is through the interface, interface design then should be one of the most important part of any application. A good interface will enhance the experience, usability, effectiveness or even success of your system.

From the book by Ben Shneiderman, he pointed out 8 rules to guide us to good interaction design.

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