Becoming a better Javascript Programmer using JSLint

Richard Wong 8 July, 2008

I have recently came across this interesting and useful Javascript tool called JSLint. You feed in your javascript code and JSLint will scan through and looks for problems in your code.

You might ask what is the different between this and debugging using Firebug? Well, although it is only a syntax checker and validator, it is much more stricter and follows proper Code Conventions. In other word, it will tell you errors you normally won’t get.

As you know, Javascript sometimes allows code to be implemented in a sloppy way which could be very troublesome for large complex projects. So I have been using this tool as a reference point to tighten up my javascript code.

So go and paste your code at JSLint and see how your code is doing. But I must warning you, it might hurt your feeling!

Source: JSLint